Providing noncontact thermometers and carbon dioxide measuring sensors using infrared sensors.SSC 日本語

Pioneer of weekend companies

Delivers the characteristics of sensors.

SSC mainly provides noncontact thermometers. It receives infrared at the sensor and addresses temperature measurement in an extremely short time. It also allows measurement regardless of the distance from the object to be measured because it is noncontact, and enlarges the application range into various different fields.

We work everyday to allow many people to use our products safely. Please contact us if you are considering measurement, analysis and management using infrared sensors.


Company outline

Company: SSC Co., Ltd.
Group headquarters
425-1 Sosaku, OazaRengeji, Kuwana City, Mie,
Established: May 2000
Capital: 10 million yen
Representative director: Kazuya Hattori
Number of employees: 145 (entire group)
Address [Sales Headquarters/Development Center]
293 Nukata, Kuwana City, Mie, 511-0911
TEL: +81-594-33-3080 FAX: +81-594-33-3081 Website:
[West Japan Branch]
646、Tane, Yoshii-cho, Ibara-city, Okayama, 714-2122
TEL: +81-866-73-9007 FAX: +841-866-73-9008
[East Japan Branch]
1-11-6 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0014
Articles of sales Thermopile-type infrared sensors
Sensor application products
Development, design, manufacture and sales of electronic measuring devices using various sensors

Company history

1998 SSC established by engineers who worked on development of applied infrared sensor (TP) products
2000 SSC established as a venture company in May
2001 Full-scale launching of development of products applying domestic and international infrared sensors
2003 Development of noncontact thermometer in a joint project with a special thermometer manufacturer
2004 Launching of OEM supply of noncontact temperature sensors to Companies O and T
Launching of OEM supply of sensors for CO2 gas concentration measurement to Company A
2007 Purchasing and succeeding of thermopile-type infrared sensor business from Tatsumo
Launching of production and sales in January


Approx. 10 minutes by car (taxi) from Kuwana Station,
Kintetsu Nagoya Line or JR Tokai Kansai Honsen.

Company externals

17-1 OazaEba, Kuwana City, Mie, 511-0836