SSC is a developer and manufacturer of sensor application devices.


The root of SSC lies in engineers who exchanged information on Saturdays and Sundays on the Internet to solve their technical problems.

Then a big bang occurred among these engineers when they turned from amateurs to professionals. It was the birth of SSC Co., Ltd.

From “Saturday. Sunday. Company” to “Sensor. Solution. Concept.” It is now time to show the genuine values of its technical power.

Delivers the characteristics of sensors.

SSC is a developer and manufacturer of sensor application devices whose forte lies in development of sensor applications. We deliver 100% of the sensor potential and utilize is in various fields including security and environmental applications.

Application examples

Security applications
– Monitoring on overheating of power facilities (noncontact application)
– Detection of abnormal gases in facilities
– Detection of abnormal heat sources in heating furnace facilities
– Security (intrude detection)
– Early discovery of indoor fires (Gas detection instead of heat detection)
Environmental applications
– Gas analysis
– Plant wastewater temperature monitoring

Sensor application measurement, analysis and management

SSC provides various sensors including noncontact temperature sensors. The noncontact temperature sensors take measurements in a short period of approximately 1 – 2 seconds by receiving the infrared radiated by the object which is the subject of measurement at the sensor. They do not need to be in contact with the measurement subject, and measurement can be taken regardless of the distance between the thermometer and measurement subject. We are trying to expand the application range to various different fields to offer many customers our applications. Please contact us if you are interested in sensor application measurement, analysis or management.

Besides thermopile-type infrared sensors,SSC manufactures and provides their application noncontact temperature sensors and gas concentration measurement sensors that can measure temperatures of carbon dioxide (CO2) and so forth.

Major products

– Thermopile-type infrared sensors
– Gas measurement sensor (CO2 sensors)
– Noncontact temperature sensors

Noncontact temperature sensors Noncontact thermostat sensors Gas concentration measurement sensors
△Noncontact temperature sensors △Noncontact thermometer
(Built-in /Small size/Cost saving type)
△Gas concentration measurement sensors
 - Noncontact thermometers, etc. using infrared sensors - SSC Co., Ltd.

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